SoftNI MultiEncoder™

Specialized encoding software to provide reliable multilingual subtitles for HD & SD terrestial, cable and satellite transmissions.

SoftNI MultiEncoder™ allows the operator to pre-encode multiple languages simultaneously into the VANC or VBI, off-line. This ensures the integrity of the subtitle data, and its proper synchronization with the video. During transmission, this information is retrieved, transcoded and transmitted in the desired format: DVB, closed captions, Teletext, open subtitles, and proprietary cable/satellite formats such as DirecTV and Motorola DigiCipher II.

SoftNI MultiEncoder™ has a built-in QC module that allows operators to monitor multiple languages simultaneously. The subtitles are displayed as they will appear to the viewer.


Open-architecture software, non-proprietary hardware
SoftNI MultiEncoder™ provides simultaneous compatibility with many HD and SD caption encoders, allowing you to select the most appropriate hardware solution for your needs, or to use legacy hardware. You may upgrade and use several HD, SD and analog encoders without having to buy new software. You are free of the constraints of systems based on proprietary hardware.

Powerful and reliable

Encodes subtitles in dozens of languages into the VANC or VBI simultaneously and displays all languages in multiple windows for QC.

Lowest operational cost

The encoding process is totally automatic. Requires virtually no technical support.

Easy to learn and operate

Extremely logical, clear window menus allow a user to get acquainted with the entire software application in just a few hours. SoftNI MultiEncoder’s settings are very easy to access and totally interactive.


SoftNI MultiEncoder™ supports most European, Asian, African and Middle Eastern languages.


SoftNI MultiEncoder™ may be configured for on-line or off-line operation:

  • On-line: Live subtitle encoding The subtitles are encoded in real-time while broadcasting the original video program.
  • Off-line: Creates an encoded master Standard off-line process in which the subtitles are encoded into the video VANC or VBI, creating a closed-subtitle sub-master for satellite transmissions.

Supports multi formats

SETI, SETI-S, SETI-H, ETI-HD, SETI-DVB (SoftNI Encoding Type I) formats, DirecTV’s encoding format. US standard closed captions (EIA-608), Teletext and NABTS.

Supports multi modes

Three convenient closed subtitling modes: automatic, reading time code; semiautomatic, using the computer’s clock; manual, using the keyboard or a joystick.


SoftNI MultiEncoder™ encodes files generated with any word processor generating Unicode, DOS ASCII, or Windows ANSI; any subtitle preparation system complying with SoftNI’s formats; most of the available HD, SD and analog caption encoders; SoftNI’s Subtitler Suite, SUME, SUE, and SYSTEM III subtitling preparation systems.