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SoftNI Subtitler Suite™

SoftNI NLETitler™ Module

SoftNI AVID NLETitler™ Module

SoftNI CaSat Suite™

SoftNI FEDS™ Module

SoftNI Digital Suite™

SoftNI Live Suite™


SoftNI Subtitler Suite™

A revolutionary, all-in-one, multipurpose subtitling and closed captioning solution.

SoftNI Subtitler Suite™ provides for subtitle preparation, DVD and NLE subtitling, closed captioning, Teletext, and open subtitling capabilities in a single, software-based, open-architecture, customizable, scalable software package. Fully integrated with Microsoft Windows and Word creates subtitles in virtually all African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages.

The best solution for SD, HD & 4K subtitling and closed captioning!

SoftNI NLETitler™ and AVID NLETitler Modules

Finally, Innovative Subtitling and Captioning Solution for AVID and other popular NLEs! NLETitler™ and AVID NLETitler™ give post-production and broadcasting professionals the power to handle small and large multi-language subtitling and captioning projects with speed, high-quality, and low cost.

SoftNI Cinema Suite™ Module

Our CineSuite™ is a software-based, very cost-effective solution for displaying highly-readable subtitles in theaters and screening rooms, eliminating the need for multiple subtitled film-prints. One print; multiple languages!

SoftNI CASAT Suite™

A powerful subtitling transmission system for HD & SD terrestrial/cable/satellite multilingual transmissions.

Compatible with HD & SD DVB MUXs and set-top boxes, Motorola’s DigiCipher and DirecTV proprietary transmission systems. SoftNI’s CaSat subtitling systems have proved to be extremely reliable and require virtually no technical support. New, fully integrated, customizable, scalable modules can generate and transmit top-quality text and bitmap subtitles in multiple languages to dozens of channels simultaneously from a single computer!

As the most reliable and cost effective subtitling solutions for single or multi-channel digital transmissions, our CaSat Subtitling Suite is the first choice for leading companies such as A&E, DirecTV, E! Entertainment, FOX, Globosat/TV Globo, HBO, SKY, Sony Pictures Entertainment/Columbia TriStar, Televisa, Warner, and many other leading broadcasting facilities.

SoftNI Subtitling FEDS™ Module

At Last…a team of agents to prevent, detect and arrest subtitling and captioning transgressions. FEDS™ is our Failure Early Detection System for multi-channel, multi-language subtitled transmissions.

SoftNI Digital Suite™

A new breakthrough in subtitling and captioning technology.

Software-based burn-in and encoding of Subtitles, Captions, Teletext and Metadata into Digital Video Files and Transport Streams. The Digital Suite™ allows for efficient and flexible subtitling and captioning processes from a single stand alone station to all kinds of complex automated file-based workflows

SoftNI Live Suite™

Create and transmit high-quality subtitles and closed captions during live events with our innovative, software-based LiveSuite™! Speech can be transcribed into text in real time in the same language with a steno-machine, or translated into various languages simultaneously by a networked team of translators or by computer-translation engines.

Additional Services

Installation of Turn Key Systems

At your request, we integrate and install complete turn-key systems. Our team of technical experts and our trained distributors and integrators in your region or country can make the transition seamless, allowing your business to operate as usual.

Software Development

Customizing software to meet your company’s specific requirements is what we do! Well planned software design in the areas of data generation, encoding, transmission and decoding/display can save you time… and money.