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SoftNI Digital Suite™

Subtitling & closed captioning for HD and SD digital media.

Software-based solution to burn-in high quality subtitles and to encode closed captions, Teletext, and metadata directly into HD and SD digital media. No specialized hardware needed!

SoftNI pioneered the development of subtitling and closed captioning solutions and now is pleased to introduce a new breakthrough in subtitling and captioning technology for HD/SD media and broadcasting.

SoftNI Digital Suite™ is a software-based modular system that allows you to encode HD & SD closed captions, Teletext and metadata, and to burn-in top-quality subtitles, into many types of digital files and data streams.

These processes are software based, much faster than real time, and do not require encoders or any other hardware. All software modules run on off-the-shelf computers under Windows 7 and Windows 8.x