2018 – Full IP MultiTransmitter with Control Module.

SoftNI releases the latest version of its powerful MultiTransmitter which
includes capabilities for full IP transmission and a central Control Module
to monitor up to hundreds of channels and languages.

2016 – SoftNI Opening in the UK and Europe.

SoftNI celebrates the 30th anniversary of the development of the first PC-based subtitling system by opening, for the first time, operations in the UK and Europe starting in 2016!

SoftNI is now in the process of hiring local representatives in each one of the largest European countries. Local sales and technical support personnel will also be hired in order to introduce SoftNI’s newest and most advanced subtitling and captioning solutions during the following months until the next IBC in September.

2012-2014. OTT Ready.

SoftNI includes in all its line of products functionality for OTT subtitling and closed captioning.

2012 – Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent select SoftNI.

Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent, both leaders in the industry, install SoftNI’s advanced subtitling transmission systems for ATSC, DVB and IPTV.

2011 – Globosat installs SoftNI Digital Suite for MXF tapeless flow.

Globosat installs SoftNI new Digital Subtitler Suite with specialized modules to encode SD and HD subtitle data simultaneously in various standards into MXF files.

2010 – HBO installs SoftNI HD QC Stations

HBO installs SoftNI HD quality control stations to review HD subtitling files for their HD-DVB and HD-ATSC transmissions.

2010 – SoftNI develops SETI-DVB and SETI-HD encoding/transmission formats.

SETI-DVB and SETI-HD are the newest of SoftNI´s family of proprietary data encoding/transmission formats. These new formats allow broadcasters to perform reliably real time on-air conversions between multiple formats and platforms, including multi-language graphic to text based subtitles and closed captions.

2009 – HBO installs SoftNI new M4 Subtitle Transmitter

HBO installs SoftNI new M4ST for simultaneous subtitle transmission in HD-DVB, HD-ATSC and HD-burn-in.

2008 – June. HBO installs Digital Subtitling and DVB/ATSC HD-MultiTransmitter

HBO install SoftNI’s newest Digital Subtitling Suite technology to encode subtitle data directly into digital files. HBO also upgraded to the new SoftNI’s CaSat MultiTransmitter HD DVB/ATSC for simultaneous high definition transmission in DVB & ATSC and HD burn-in.

2008 – May. GDMX/Warner installs newest Digital Subtitling Suite

GDMX/Warner in California installs SoftNI’s new Digital Subtitling Suite, the latest subtitling

2008 – May. SKY/DirecTV installs CaSat Suite HD MultiEncoder

SKY/DirecTV installing SoftNI’s High Definition multi-language stations for their proprietary system. SoftNI’s CaSat MultiEncoder Suite allows users to encode several subtitle languages in EIA-708 HD captioning format.

2008 – April. NAB exhibition in Las Vegas

SoftNI Corporation SoftNI adds Support for Deltacast DELTA-hd Family in Subtitler Suite™ and CaSat Suite™ Products (click for more).

2006 – April. NAB exhibition in Las Vegas

SoftNI Corporation releases the MPEG Subtitler Suite, an advanced set of software modules that allows users to encode closed captions and burn-in subtitles into digital video files.

SoftNI Corporation also releases new solutions to encode closed captions and burn-in subtitles in high definition.

2005 – November. InterBee exhibition in Japan

SoftNI Corporation launches new version of Subtitler Suite with advanced support for translation and subtitling in Japanese.

2005 – November

Fox in Los Ángeles installs new SoftNI Subtitler Suite stations equipped with the latest digital subtitling technology based on Leitch’s Quattrus video cards. SoftNI also provides High Definition subtitling with the new Leitch’s Altitude video card.

2005 – October

A&E; upgrades its subtitling transmission systems to SoftNI’s newest Multi-Transmitter. The new technology allows broadcasters to transmit subtitles in multiple languages to multiple channels from a single computer,

2005 – September

HBO, NET, Televisa, TVA and many other major broadcasters in Latin America install SoftNI’s CaSat subtitling systems for Motorola DigiCipher and DVB multilingual transmissions. SoftNI CaSat transmission systems are designed to broadcast and/or transcode multiple languages in different formats.

2005 – October

E! Entertainment changes old subtitling technology and installs latest version of SoftNI CaSat Suite multilingual transmission systems.


SoftNI integrates its versatile DVB Subtitler with major Mux and Set Top Box manufacturers.

2004 – April. NAB exhibition in Las Vegas

SoftNI releases the new Avid NLE Titler.

2003 – September. IBC exhibition in Amsterdam

SoftNI premieres new modules for the Subtitler Suite and CaSat Suite.

2002 – September. IBC exhibition in Amsterdam

SoftNI officially launches new revolutionary all-in-one multipurpose subtitling suites.

2002 – April. NAB exhibition in Las Vegas

Sony Pictures Entertainment/Columbia TriStar selects SoftNI’s multilingual cable satellite subtitling solutions. SoftNI also announces the upcoming release of the Dubbing Suite™, a comprehensive modular, scalable solution for dubbing and voice-over studios.

2001 – April

SKY selects new SoftNI DVB Subtitler for their satellite operations in Florida.

2000 – December

Fox installs SoftNI’s latest digital subtitling system and subtitle preparation stations.

2000 – July

SoftNI releases the DVB Subtitler™, the first software-based multi-channel, multi-language subtitling system for digital video broadcasting (DVB).

2000 – January

DirecTV/Galaxy Latin America acquires SoftNI’s Subtitler Satellite Simulator™ stations to use in their QC operations.

1999 – December

HBO Olé installs SoftNI’s latest multilingual satellite subtitling systems.

1999- November

SoftNI releases the Open Multilingual Subtitler™, compatible with Matrox’s DigiMix™ boards.

HBO LAP installs SoftNI’s multilingual satellite subtitling systems in their facilities in Florida.

1999- October

SoftNI releases the new Subtitler Satellite Simulator™ which allows broadcasters to simulate satellite decoders, enabling subtitle quality control before transmission.


SoftNI Corporation releases the DVD Subtitler™, a complete translation, preparation and subtitling system compatible with the most popular DVD authoring systems. Digital Entertainment in Sacramento, CA first to install the new system.

DirecTV/GLA California broadcast center and its Mexican partner MVS install SoftNI’s multilingual satellite subtitling systems.

1997 – December

SoftNI releases the Subtitler™ – DirecTV® System, a multilingual subtitling system compatible with DirecTV® proprietary satellite transmission system.

1997 – July

HBO-Mundo Olé first to install SoftNI’s Subtitler™ DigiCipher II® subtitling system, a multilingual satellite subtitling system compatible with the DigiCipher II® from General Instrument (now Motorola).

1997 – July

SoftNI develops high quality closed caption decoders using professional character generators; the Subtitler Decoder™ and the Subtitler Digital Decoder™.

1997- June

SoftNI Corporation releases Le Petit Subtitler™, the first low cost consumer subtitling system.


Closed captions go multilingual and international with the VBI Subtitler™ from SoftNI.


SoftNI Corporation announces the design of the first software-based dubbing system. This system would include modules for translation and adaptation, various subtitled based displays for actors, and management control.


Largest subtitling facilities in America – Protele/Televisa, HBO Olé and Globosat/TV Globo – are using SoftNI’s video subtitling system, SYSTEM III.


SoftNI in Los Ángeles is the first company to provide subtitling in D2.


SoftNI releases the first commercial PC-based video subtitling system on the market – “SYSTEM III: The Subtitling Revolution.” This innovative and powerful software package, which included stand-alone modules for subtitle preparation, quality control and burn-in, became an instant success in America.


Salgado completed pioneering research studies in the subtitling field and developed a computerized subtitling system based on his findings. This in-house groundbreaking system include many viewer-oriented subtitling benefits.


SoftNI founder José M. Salgado opened one of America’s first and largest translation services specializing in video subtitling. Salgado first became interested in subtitles at a very early age in the 1960s, and his experiences and special interest led to a comprehensive and unique set of guidelines that allowed translators to design subtitles that were highly readable and easy-to-comprehend.