About us


SoftNI Corporation is one of the most established developer of subtitling and closed captioning systems for the film, television, DVD and cable/satellite industries. Our main goal is to develop systems which improve the understanding and enjoyment of motion pictures, television programs and live events across our Multilingual Global Village.

From its beginnings, SoftNI’s technology has led the way in our field. Over 40 years ago, our founder pioneered a new set of rules for subtitle preparation and transmission and in 1986 developed the first PC-based subtitling system.

Since then we have been FIRST to develop solutions for: DVD subtitling (1997), subtitle preparation with MPEG/WM9 video player, interactive graphic timeline and audio-wave display (1998), NLEs (2000), open architecture software-based multi-channel DVB subtitling (2001), HD-VANC/SD-VBI data encoding into MXF and GXF digital files (2004), multi-purpose, multi-language, multi-channel, multi-standard, multi-platform subtitling transmissions (2008) and comprehensive QA for multi-channel transmissions (2012). We are working on new breakthroughs in subtitling and captioning every day.

Our innovative solutions have been embraced by hundreds of subtitlers and corporations in America including most of the largest players in the region such as Cisco, DirecTV, Embratel, Ericsson, FOX, Globosat/TVGlobo, HBO, MTV, NET, SKY, SONY/SPE, Telefonica, Televisa, Time Warner, Turner, and many other leading broadcasters and post facilities worldwide.

SoftNI is now expanding and introducing its powerful software based technologies into Europe and Asia.

Tomorrow and beyond, SoftNI will remain the cornerstone of an exciting Multilingual Global Village.