SoftNI Live Subtitling Suite™

SoftNI Live Subtitling Suite™ is a modular, complete subtitling solution that lets you prepare and broadcast closed captions and/or top-quality, multi-language subtitles, live, in real-time, on television and cable/satellite transmissions.


LiveCap. SoftNI Live Captioner™

Stenocaptioners type and send closed captions. In real time, LiveCap sends their transcription to a local or remote closed caption encoder, via serial port, Ethernet, or modem. LiveCap simultaneously encodes closed captions, Interactive-TV hyperlinks, and XDS V-Chip ratings, to add captions to the video in a live broadcast. Also may be used for conferences, court displays, and the like.

LiveSub. SoftNI Live Subtitler™

LiveSub electronically links groups of translators into a network in real time and coordinates their output, to provide a high-quality “human” translation in real time. LiveSub automatically puts the translation into the selected subtitling format, to add subtitles and closed captions in multiple languages over the video for live broadcasts.

SoftNI WebTitler™

Adds subtitles and closed captions in multiple languages to live or pre-recorded webcasts. Supports SAMI and SMIL.


SoftNI Live Captioner™. Multilingual Closed Captioning System.

The Live Captioner™ is a specialized multilingual closed captioning system designed to generate and encode in real time closed captions for live broadcasts, conferences, court displays, etc. The Live Captioner™ can simultaneously encode closed captions, Interactive TV hyperlinks and XDS packets with V-Chip ratings.

The Live Captioner™ allows stenocaptioners to easily type and send closed captions to one or several local or remote closed caption encoders via serial port, ethernet or modem. The Live Captioner™ commands most of the leading analog and digital closed caption encoders. The number of languages, the choice of different video lines or fields, and other features are limited only by the caption encoder selected.

Detailed information on the Live Subtitler and Webtitler coming soon.


Live Closed Captioning.
Live Open Captioning.
Live Satellite Transmissions (see the Live Subtitler™).
Live Webcasting (see WebTitler™).


– Closed caption encoding (EIA-608)
– CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, Text 1, Text 2, Text 3, Text4, XDS
– XDS packets & V-Chip ratings encoding
– ITV links encoding

Multi-source inputs: Newsroom systems, teleprompters, files
Open-architecture software
Modular upgrade path
Non-proprietary hardware
Lowest operational cost
Extremely easy to learn and operate
Interactive settings


Closed caption encoder Stenotype machine Pentium IV Computer with Windows® 95/98/NT/2000/XP


LC-ITV option. Capability to encode ITV links.
LC-XDS option. Capability to encode XDS V-chip ratings.


The Live Captioner™ controls the most popular analog and digital closed caption encoders, including EEG, Evertz, Link Electronics, Microvideo, Norpak, Ultech and others.