SoftNI On-Line Encoder™

Closed Captioning System for XDS Packets, V-Chip Ratings & Closed Captioning


The SoftNI On-Line Encoder™ is a specialized closed captioning system that simultaneously encodes on-line closed captions, XDS packets, and V-chip program ratings. The On-Line Encoder’s flexible playlist lets users enter or import up to a full year of programming.

Along with closed captioning files and XDS packets with V-Chip program ratings, the SoftNI Online Encoder also encodes the station ID, network ID, program title, start time, duration, and time of day for setting the VCR clock. The On-Line Encoder™ can simultaneously encode multiple languages into one or several lines (10 thru 22) and fields (channels 1 and 2) of the VBI. The number of languages, the choice of different video lines or fields and other features are limited only by the caption encoder selected.


Different versions allow online encoding of XDS packets; closed captioning files; or both.


The On-Line Encoder™ is compatible with all of the best analog and digital closed caption encoders, from companies such as EEG, Evertz, Link Electronics, Microvideo, Norpak, Ultech and others. It encodes files from any word processor that provides DOS ASCII or Windows ANSI files; other closed captioning preparation systems; SoftNI subtitle preparation stations.


Analog or digital closed caption encoder; and a time code reader card, LTC or VITC.