SoftNI IRD Simulator™.

Specialized software for quality control on the subtitling files and the encoding process.


SoftNI IRD Simulator™ presents the subtitle sequence superimposed onto video as it will appear on IRDs, set-top boxes, or closed caption decoders.

The system can be used to quality-check closed subtitles, for multilingual cable/satellite transmissions, while encoding the subtitles, or afterwards, while playing the encoded master. The system will recover the VANC or VBI data and will display the subtitles in a video window on the computer screen or a video monitor. It can decode and display SETI and SETI-DVB (SoftNI’s Satellite Encoding Type I) files, DirecTV files, and EIA-708/EIA-608 closed caption files.

SoftNI IRD Simulator™ can also be used to quality-check and preview subtitling files before the encoding process, or files that will be sent directly to the satellite encoder via play-list/automation systems. It also lets users create subtitled HD, SD or analog copies for quality control or demo purposes.


SoftNI IRD Simulator™ comes in versions for one, two, four, or sixteen languages simultaneously.


SoftNI IRD Simulator™ displays files generated by any SoftNI subtitle preparation programs and by any word processor generating ASCII, ANSI or UNICODE files. It uses off-the-shelf HD, SD and analog video overlay cards from the most popular brands.


Windows PC; VANC or VBI recovery card, to recover the encoded subtitles from the VANC or vertical blanking interval; video overlay card, to view the subtitles superimposed on the video in the computer’s screen and to output the subtitled video; optional LTC or VITC time code reader card, to perform quality control with subtitling files.