SoftNI CaSat Subtitling Suite

SoftNI CASAT Subtitling Suite™ is a multi-language, multi-channel, multi-platform, modular subtitling solution for automated transmission of high-quality, highly-readable subtitles for HD & SD terrestrial, cable and satellite transmissions.

Key Advantages:

Transmission Reliability

SoftNI’s software-based subtitle transmission systems are exceptionally reliable, stable and user-friendly, preferred by such major cable/satellite industry firms as DirecTV, HBO, FOX, SKY, SPE/Columbia TriStar and Warner.

Multi-channel, Multi-language

Subtitles in dozens of languages can be transmitted simultaneously to dozens of video channels through one or many multiplexers, from a single computer.

Open-architecture, Software-based

No proprietary hardware from SoftNI is needed. SoftNI CaSat solutions are compatible with most established hardware: mpeg encoders, multiplexers, ASI boards, RS-422 and RS-232 multi-port cards, time code cards and other devices. All systems run on standard Windows 2000/XP rack-mount computers; some other Windows versions also are supported. This non-proprietary approach guarantees better hardware quality and value, quick and economical technical support, and easy upgrades- very beneficial in our fast-moving industry!


Supports simultaneous subtitle transmission for HD & SD DVB-compliant systems and for Motorola and DirecTV proprietary transmission systems.


Install only the functionality you currently need. Upgrade at any time to any other configuration.

Top Quality Subtitles

SoftNI CASAT Subtitling Suite™ generates text or HD & SD bitmap subtitles that comply with the highest subtitling quality standards, established by extensive, proprietary research: ERF (Easy Reading Factor), POD (Proportional On-Screen Duration), TRS (True Reading Speed).

Benefits for Viewers, Operators, Company

  • Viewers: Subtitles that are easiest to read, never “get lost,” read from farther away.
  • Operators: Interactive settings, automatic malfunction or power failure recovery, dual redundancy, many subtitle styles, extremely easy to learn and operate, stable long-established software, systems facilitate both quality and productivity, compatible with most popular file formats.
  • Company: Reliability, simplicity, open architecture software, non-proprietary hardware, highly efficient multi-lingual multi-channel multi-port subtitle transmission, lowest operational cost, highest subtitle quality.