SoftNI DVB Subtitler™

Subtitling system for HD and SD broadcasting.

SoftNI DVB Subtitler™ is an open-architecture, software-based, viewer-oriented subtitling system designed to provide high quality subtitles for multilingual HD & SD DVB terrestrial, cable and satellite transmissions.

The new multi-channel, multi-language, multi-platform, multi-format M4-ST can transmit text and/or bitmap subtitles in dozens of languages to dozens of DVB encoders and/or multiplexers simultaneously, using a single commercial off-the-shelf computer. This reduces the cost of the system, the operational cost, hardware failures, and the need for expensive proprietary technical support.
1:1 or n:1 redundancy is available.


VANC or VBI Subtitle Recovery: The subtitles are first encoded off-line into the VANC or VBI. During transmission the subtitles are recovered from the VANC or VBI, transcoded, and transmitted to the DVB encoder or multiplexer. This ensures perfect synchronization of the subtitles without time code reference. No need to interface with file servers, playlists, automation or traffic systems, or other subsystems.

Automation Control: The subtitling files, stored in a file server, are triggered by commands from the automation system. Subtitles are synchronized with the video via time code.

Manual Operation: The subtitling files can also be triggered manually from the Control or Subtitling Module. The subtitles are synchronized with the video via time code or the computer’s clock.


The DVB subtitle streams can be sent to the DVB encoders or multiplexers via ASI, Ethernet or RS-422 serial ports. The DVB Subtitler™ can transmit text and HD/SD bitmap subtitles in several languages simultaneously to several DVB encoders, multiplexers, character generators, closed caption and Teletext encoders.


The DVB Subtitler™ is compatible with HD and SD DVB compliant encoders, IRDs and set-top boxes. SoftNI DVB Subtitler™ generates text and HD/SD bitmap subtitles of the highest quality. The DVB Subtitler™ uses standard commercial PCs, VANC/VBI encoders/decoders and ASI cards.