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SoftNI Subtitler Suite
Avid NLE Subtitler™

Closed Captioning Modules

SoftNI Closed Captioning modules let you encode and decode closed captions and metadata into/from the VANC and VBI.

CC-ENC. Closed Caption MultiEncoder™

The Closed Caption MultiEncoder module lets your Subtitler Suite™ encode closed captions using the best HD and SD closed caption encoders. The CC-ENC module can simultaneously encode several languages into the VANC and two languages into line 21 of the VBI.

CC-DEC. Closed Caption Decoder™

The Closed Caption Decoder™ module lets your Subtitler Suite™ recover closed captions from the VANC and VBI and display them as high quality easy-to-read subtitles, using analog or digital character generators and broadcast quality professional video cards. This lets you take advantage of all of the features of open subtitling, such as high resolution, proportional TrueType fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds and other graphic elements, providing captions that are far more pleasing to the viewers. The consumer version uses low-cost off-the-shelf video cards.

CC-RET. Closed Caption Retriever™

The Closed Caption Retriever™ module allows your Subtitler Suite™ to recover EIA-708 and EIA-608 closed captions from a video program and save them into one or several standard computer files (Word, ASCII/ ANSI). These files can then be used for any of the other processes involved in subtitling, such as further editing, formatting, styling and translation. The CC-RET module can assign time codes to the recovered closed captions based on the computer’s clock, or by reading time code from an external video source.