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SoftNI Subtitler Suite
Avid NLE Subtitler™

Subtitle Preparation Modules
SoftNI Subtitle Preparation modules let you easily create, edit, time and quality-check multipurpose top-quality Subtitling Files of all kinds, that meet the very highest subtitling standards. SoftNI subtitling files can be used for open subtitling, closed captioning/ Teletext, DVD and NLE systems, and multilingual cable/satellite transmissions.

ITEX. SoftNI Intelligent Text Editor
The ITEX module is a specialized text editor designed to let you rapidly edit and format the subtitle text. To ensure your subtitles are of the highest quality, it provides automatic feedback about how well the subtitles perform against SoftNI’s grammatical and metric compliance rules. These rules, which are based on a wide range of research-based, user-controllable parameters, let you determine the quality and readability of the subtitles as well as comprehension, and the viewer’s satisfaction with the subtitled programs. TextEditor integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word, including Thesaurus and Spell Checker, as well as with other word processors. Subtitling Files can be saved in standard text or Unicode formats.

TIM. SoftNI TimesEditor
The TimesEditor module lets your Subtitler Suite™ assign subtitle in-out time codes with total frame-accuracy based on SoftNI’s Proportional On-screen Duration™ and True Reading Speed™ standards. These guarantee an adequate reading speed for the viewers, improving their understanding and satisfaction. Time codes can be assigned based on the computer’s clock or an external time code source (requires a VITC or LTC time code card).

BOX. SoftNI BoxTitles™
The SoftNI BoxTitles™ module equips your Subtitler Suite™ with a unique, interactive, graphic representation of the subtitle sequence for easy timing and quality control. The subtitles appear as blocks (BoxTitles™) on a scalable timeline display. The horizontal position (spotting) and the length of the blocks (subtitle duration) can be changed easily with your mouse, giving you an exceptionally intuitive and precise, visual timing capability. No more typing to assign or fix time codes! SoftNI was the first to develop a subtitling system with a graphic timeline (launched at NAB in 1998).

DIP. SoftNI DigiPlayer™
The SoftNI DigiPlayer™ module enables your Subtitler Suite™ to open and play digital video files, with the subtitles overlaid and synchronized. The system works with MPEG, AVI and other standard digital video file formats. SoftNI DigiPlayer™ provides the very familiar DVR control panel user interface, complete with jog-shuttle knob! With the addition of just an inexpensive video overlay card, the video with subtitles can be recorded on tape for client approval and quality control. SoftNI was the first company to develop a subtitling system with a specialized video player for digital files, launched at NAB in 1998.

ABA. SoftNI AudioBar™
The SoftNI AudioBar™ equips your Subtitler Suite™ with a graphic timeline representation of the audio waveform. By presenting a live audio-level display, itlets you determine the precise in/out times and enables extraordinarily rapid, precise timing. No more guessing or time-consuming back-and-forth search to find the precise frame where a speaker begins or finishes. SoftNI was the first company to develop and release a subtitling system with graphic audio wave representation, launched at NAB in 1998.