Advanced Media Modules

SoftNI Advanced Media subtitling modules let you export top-quality text and graphic (bitmap, tiff, etc.) subtitles into the most widely used new media.


The DVD Titler module equips your Subtitler Suite™ to export top-quality subtitles to all of the most popular HD and SD DVD authoring systems. The subtitles can be exported as text files, as graphic files (bitmap, tiff) with timing scripts, or as closed-captioning files for DVD. SoftNI was the first company to develop and release a DVD subtitling system (NAB 1997) and ongoing development is keeping it at the forefront of this important field.

NLETitler ™

The Non-Linear Editing Titler module lets your Subtitler Suite™ export top-quality anti-aliased graphic (bitmap, tiff) subtitles compatible with the most popular HD and SD NLE systems for Windows and Macintosh (Adobe, AVID, Final Cut Pro). It lets you import directly or via a plug-in and position the subtitles with frame accuracy on the NLE timeline. Launched at NAB 2000, our NLETitler™ module for Adobe Premiere™ was the first NLE subtitling system in the market.