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SoftNI Corporation is proud to introduce the first complete modular, scalable solution for dubbing and voice over companies. The Dubbing Suite provides a comprehensive dubbing package that includes software for tracking studio time and production costs....saving you time and money.

Finally, A Complete Solution.
Why is this software revolutionary? The Suite allows production professionals to manage, translate, adapt, and dub projects with ease... while controlling costs and managing time at every level.

Simple Time Management.
In today's production environment, time is an extremely valuable commodity. In the dubbing industry, valuable time can be lost in physically moving assets between studios, translators, adaptors, and directors... whether they are down the hall or across the ocean. These delays result in lost productivity, higher costs and lost revenue.

The Dubbing Studio™
Create a bid. Estimate your time. Audition and cast. Upload your voice tests. The Dubbing Suite allows you manage each and every stage of the dubbing process, from A to Z. Building a database, importing scripts... it's now as easy as one click of a mouse.

The Dubbing Editor™
Upload your digitized video, import your script and you are ready to begin. The Dubbing Suite allows the translator to actually map original lip sync by monitoring visual wav frames along with video reference to ensure a tight lock. With timecode, wav audio and video reference, the quality of your translation will increase dramatically.... giving the translator and adaptor more time to focus on the creative requirements of the project.... instead of the technical.

The Dubbing Display™
With an accurate translation and adaptation, now you can choose your video output, and project the dubbing image of your choice. Now you choose how you wish your actors to read the text... from standard visual subtitles, to moving "karaoke" style treatments... dubbing the picture becomes more enjoyable. And with the technical aspect of the dub in focus, the director and actors can do what they do best.... perform.

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